Assignment Notebook - Must use daily!

  • What to do with assignment notebook!         


    1.  Students MUST copy all assignments off of the assignment board daily.

    2. If he/she finishes an assignment and hands it in, that individual will X out the assignment on his/her book.

    3. He/she should NEVER cross an assignment off until it is handed in the appropriate box.

    4. Bring assignment notebook home and show parents work that has been completed, or needs to be done.

    5. Complete any homework at home and put back in expandable folder.

    6. Parent(s) MUST sign book daily.  If the parent is working, babysitter, or older sibling, may sign in the box indicating that the child has completed the work.

    7. Assignment notebooks MUST come back to school the next day.  Please make sure your child puts it in their expandable folder...and puts the folder in the backpack so it can be used the next day.

    Thank you for your help!