Expandable Folders - How to use...

  • Expandable folders are a very important "tool" for 4th grade.  This tool will help with organization of school work, homework, or completed/graded papers. It is important that parents help encourage students to bring to school daily.

    Here is a brief overview of how to use them.

    1. Bring to school and home daily.

    2. Students will put daily work/homework in labeled section at school.

    3. Please go through folders daily with child. ONLY remove work that has been graded.        (Some work may be stored in folder for safe-keeping.)

    4. Make sure the expandable folder gets put in backpack so your child has it to use the next     day.

    5. Always...always...always...make sure your child's assignment notebook is put in front of expandable folder and returns to school the next day.