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  • Welcome to my classroom website!

    Years Teaching for School District of Crivitz: 21

    College Education:

    2002, Bachelor of Arts; Secondary Education: Mathematics + Social Studies- Northern Michigan University

    2006, Master of Arts; Administration - Northern Michigan University

    High School Courses currently teaching: Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Pre-Geometry, Pre-Algebra, ACP, Flex

    Classroom:  D116

    Contact Information:  The best way to contact me is by email.  My email address is .  If you would like to contact me by phone, my number is 715-854-2721 ext. 342.

    2022-2023  Class Schedule

    1st hour:  Advanced Algebra

     2nd hour:  Pre-Geometry

    3rd hour: Algebra 

    4th hour:  Pre-Algebra

    5th hour:  ACP

    6th hour:  Algebra

    7th hour:  Advanced Algebra

    8th hour:  Prep





School photo 2016-2017.jpg

    Materials needed for my class for the 2022-2023 school year:


    Calculator (scientific, no graphing) - You will not be allowed to use your chromebook to access a calculator online.

    Writing utensils - pens or pencils, red pens

    Two notebooks

    Stretchy book cover - Jumbo/larger sized one