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         Hello, my name is Mrs. Dana Prange.  This is my 14th year in the classroom, and my 11th year in Crivitz High School teaching high school English courses.  I am very excited to return for another school year. 

         I began my journey of education at the University of Wisconsin--La Crosse.  I earned a bachelors degree in English and a minor in Professional Writing.  After graduating I began the teacher licensure program at the University of Wisconsin--Green Bay and am licensed in English, Broadfield Language Arts, and Journalism.    

         In the past I have taught at Suring High School and Crivitz High School, classes including: English 9, English 10, Creative Writing, College Preparatory Writing, Ethnic Literature, Photojournalism, Contemporary Literature, Dramatic Arts, Writing Techniques, Myths & Legends, and Short Stories 1 & 2.

         I graduated with a Masters of Education and Professional Development degree in December of 2013 also from UW-La Crosse.  My course work helped me realize that teaching is a larger part of my life than I was willing to admit.  It helped renew passion and enjoyment for the profession.

         Please use this website as a resource to find course material and regular lesson plans throughout the semester.  You may reach me easiest through email: dprange@crivitz.k12.wi.us or by phone: 715-854-2721 ext. 322


    Classroom:  D107

    Classes Taught: 

                                                    Regular Day      Early Dismissal        Late Start

    1st Hour:  Prep                           8:00-8:47             8:00-8:32            10:02-10:35

    2nd Hour:  Contemp. Lit.             8:51-9:38             8:36-9:09            10:39-11:12

    3rd Hour:  English 10                  9:42-10:29            9:13-9:43            12:24-12:57

    4th Hour:  Aux. English 10         10:33-11:20          9:48-10:18            1:01-1:34           

    Lunch                                       11:20-11:50         10:56-11:26          11:16-11:46

    5th Hour ACP                            11:50-12:20         11:30-12:00          11:50-12:20

    6th Hour:  Dramatic Arts            12:24-1:11           10:22-10:52           1:38-2:11       

    7th Hour:  Yearbook                     1:15-2:02           12:04-12:34           2:15-2:48

    8th Hour:  English 10                   2:06-2:53            12:38-1:10            2:52-3:24

    9th Hour:  Resource                     2:57-3:24