Food Service

  • Eat all your fruits and veggies every day to stay healthy.

    The menu is subject to change without warning due to product availability.

    Meal Pricing

    4K-6th           Breakfast     $0.00          Lunch $0.00          Milk W/cold lunch and Milk Break $.40

    7-12               Breakfast     $0.00          Lunch  $0.00          Extra Entree $1.50        Milk $.40

    Extra Entrée ( 7-12 grade) only if they have a positive balance in their lunch account or cash on hand.

    Milk with a cold lunch, milk break (4k-5k), or extra milk with a hot lunch will be charged to the 

    student account in the amount of $.40.

    ***Meals that do not meet the requirements described below will be charged the full cost of the meal if the student is on free or reduced meal pricing.*****


    Remember to start each and every day with breakfast, to help you concentrate throughout the day.

    Breakfast is served every day in the Elementary Middle and High Schools, starting from 7:35 am to 8:00 am.  


    Updated 7-17-2024

    Dear Crivitz School District Families,

    When your child participates in our healthy and delicious school meals program, it will save your family time and money.

    At breakfast, all children are offered at least four food items from three food components (grain, fruit, and fluid milk). Your student must take at least three different food components, one of which is ½ cup of fruit or vegetable.

    At lunch, they are offered five food components (grain, protein, fruit, vegetable, and fluid milk). They must take at least three food items, one of which is ½ cup of fruit or vegetable. 

    Our breakfast and lunch menus and nutrition information are always posted on our district website. Or you can download "My School Menus App".

     Please contact me with any questions at 715-854-2721 or email


    Stacey Cooper

    Food Service Director

    School District of Crivitz School District



    The School District of Crivitz uses an automated lunch accounting system to record food service payments and to monitor food transactions. Parents/guardians are expected to maintain their lunch account in a positive status. Any funds remaining in family lunch accounts at the end of the school year will carry over to the next school year.

    Refunds will be issued to the family upon their last child leaving the District, or in other cases upon written parental request. In both scenarios, all other student accounts are to have an even or positive balance.

    Students and staff will be issued an identification number and assigned a lunch account that the computer will monitor. All adults may choose to purchase a daily lunch ticket. All adult lunches are on a prepaid basis only. Lunch tickets must be purchased in the school office. No charging or extension of credit is permitted.

    The Food Service Director shall be responsible for the accurate and timely collection of funds due to the District from food service-related transactions. Building principals may be asked for assistance in problem-collection situations.

    All receipts from food service transactions shall be deposited promptly.

    Families with account balances below negative $5.00 per family account will be notified. No students will be informed of low account balances in the lunch line.

    All accounts at zero balance will be mailed a detailed account statement or will be called by the Food Service Director. The caller should keep detailed notes of any phone conversations.

    At the time that the account reaches a maximum of negative $5.00, the parent will be notified that all family members will be denied access to food service programs until a mutually agreed upon payment plan is reached or the account balance is paid in full.

    Families will be contacted prior to being denied access to school food service no later than the school day prior to the actual termination of service. Parents will be reminded to send a bag lunch with their children the next school day.

    The accounts of students being denied food service will be inactivated, so the identification number will no longer be able to be used to purchase food.

    The Superintendent or designee shall be expected to protect the taxpayers of the District by making every effort to collect all food service-related charges due to the District and shall review all outstanding obligations and approve for write-off any debt which in his/her judgment remains uncollectible at the end of each fiscal year.

    Parents/guardians who claim that the financial condition of their family is such that they cannot afford to pay for the cost of their children’s meals shall be encouraged to make an application for free or reduced meals in accordance with Federal regulations.

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