• Greetings!  I am pleased to be a part of the Crivitz School District this year and look forward to an awesome year with you!


    Originally, from Wisconsin, I spent the last eighteen years teaching general music and choir in Illinois.  In addition to directing choirs, other highlights include leading instrument ensembles such as drumming and barred instruments (xylophones, etc.), teaching recorder and guitar, and organizing a school talent show.


    One passion of mine is helping students, families, and the community make connections.  This year will certainly be different in that area and will require some extra creativity as to how to make this happen.  I've got some ideas in the works, and am open to your suggestions.


    Outside of teaching music, I enjoy sports, the outdoors, and time with friends and family.


    You can email me at mallard@crivitz.k12.wi.us.


    If you wish to call me, my Elementary phone number is preferred: 715-854-2721, ext. 476.


    Thank you!