• What is Music?

    Posted by Mark Allard on 8/25/2020

    Can you define music?  Is music definable?  If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

    Is the sound of crickets chirping at night music?  Or, how about the sound of the rushing Peshtigo River?

    I posit that, while there is a very natural element of music - the ancient Greeks expressed that there is a music to the solar system (the "spheres") - there is an essential human element to music.  Music, I believe is more than just a natural, material phenomenon.  It is personal, human, and even spiritual.  In that sense, some believe music to even be eternal.

    As you're going about life in the next few hours or days, take notice of how music finds its way into or out of your mind and feelings.  This will undoubtedly involve rhythmic elements, but perhaps you'll hear or create a melody; maybe you'll even experience some harmony.

    I do hope you experience harmony in the hours, days, and weeks ahead of you.

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