• M = Materials: Treat materials properly

    U = Up: Zip Up (No excess talking), Look Up, Listen Up, Hands Up (Raise hands)

    S = Safe Space: Keep a safe distance from others

    I = Instructions: Follow directions

    C = Courteous: Treat others with courtesy


    In addition, make sure you are familiar with the behavior expectations set forth in the Student Handbooks.


    Specifically, it is absolutely essential that students respect others' learning and safety, both emotionally and physically.  Students are to be kind to each other.


    In addition, students must respect and follow me as the teacher and the school as the overall authority.


    My approach to student behavior is very reasonable.  I provide reminders and clarification of the appropriate behaviors followed by gradual implementation of consequences in order to help redirect students and maintain a positive classroom environment.


    I frequently recognize students' good behavior.  Wolverine Pride!

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