My Home Page

  • Welcome to my new classroom website!

    My name is Theresa Kueber.  I am teaching 4th- 8th grade physical education and 7th grade Language Arts.  If you would like to talk to me during the school day, the best time to reach me would be during my prep 8th hour (2:43-3:20).  You may also call the office (715-854-2721 EXT. 400) and leave a message and I will try to reach you after school.  The phone number you may reach me at is 715-854-2721  EXT.453.  You may also reach me by email at  You may find me in the Big Gym or Girls' Locker Room in the morning and in Room 223 in the afternoon.  The following is my daily schedule:

    1st Hour   8:00-8:51     7th Grade Physical Education

    2nd Hour  8:55-9:44     8th Grade Physical Education

    3rd Hour  9:48-10:37    6th Grade Physical Education

    10:30-11:00                  4th Grade Physical Education

    11:00-11:30                  5th Grade Physical Education

    5th Hour  11:34-12:19  8th Grade Language Arts

    Lunch 12:19-12:53

    6th Hour  12:57-1:46    8th Grade Language Arts

    7th Hour  1:50-2:39      FIX

    8th Hour  2:43-3:20      Prep