My Homework

  • In the 8th Grade Language Arts classes: students will have daily journal writing assignments, daily grammar practice and daily vocabulary practice.  The only time this schedule will change is if we have a shortened week, testing or no school due to a weather-related cancellation.  They will have a weekly binder check to make sure they have all their assignments finished for the week. They will also have a weekly spelling test.


    In 7th & 8th Grade Physical Education classes: students should have clean laundered clothes every other week and make sure they are prepared for class every day with the proper shirt, shorts or sweatpants, socks, tennis shoes, towel, and deodorant.  All students should have a lock for their locker because the locker rooms are used by students from other schools in the evening during sporting events.  Also, if your child uses an inhaler please be sure they have one for physical education class.