• Physical Science 1 and 2

    Online Learning Platform:

    Physical Science this year will be taught over the WEN network through TRITON on the BUZZ platform.  This will allow all students the opportunity to learn Physical Science whether they are learning from home or in the classroom.  Students will receive login information.  

    Google Classroom:

    Students will also be invited to use Google Classroom.  This is where additional material will be placed to help the student.  This additional material may be a video clip of a demonstration done or supplemental information.  I will also place goals for completion each week.  


    Physical Science 1 will cover an introduction to Physics:  Motion, Waves, and Circuits.

    Physical Science 2 will cover an introduction to Chemistry:  Matter, Elements & Compounds, and Chemical Reactions.

    Required Materials:

    Please bring a scientific calculator, a folder or 3 ring binder, looseleaf paper or notebook, and a pen or pencil to class each day.


    If you are learning from home, you may log into Google Meet for any of the hours to watch a lecture or ask a question.  The Meeting codes are in the calendar information for that date.  Just click on the hour to get the code for that time.