Popcorn Words

  • What are "sight words?"  Sight words are words that we see and use often when reading and writing.  Did you know that only 100 words make up half of all the words found in books today?  It may sound surprising, but this small set of high-frequency words is the foundation of our language.  Good readers should be able to recognize and read them instantly.  Knowledge of high-frequency words is necessary for fluent reading.  Many of these words do not sound like their spellings, therefore sounding them out would be unproductive.  Although many high-frequency words carry little meaning, they affect the flow and coherence of text.  Developing a large sight word vocabulary helps a student become a better reader by increasing reading fluency, speed, and accuracy.  Below is the list of sight words we teach in Kindergarten.  Each student will be receiving a set of flashcards to use for practice at home.  These words are used and practiced in a number of different ways and, believe it or not, the children find it fun and challenging to master these words!  I have attached a copy of the sight words we teach, by quarter.

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