• English 11 Syllabus, Procedures, and Expectations 

    Junior English Syllabus

    ** Some Dates and Assessments are subject to change pending concept mastery.

    First Few Days: Become familiar with instructor, classroom, and course. Prewriting assessments and reading assessments.






    Diagnostic Test Grammar Rules Review



    Lessons on Basic Grammar Examples

    The Correct Answers and Why Lessons/Rules

    Retake Diagnostic Test

    Assess Strengths

    Apply Rules



    ACT English Exam Practice


    ACT practice Test

    In Class Participation

    Composition Review and Packet

    Lesson Worksheets

    Paragraph structure; essay format

    Writing assignments and packet completion

    Timeless Element of High School


    Paragraph Free-write; Brainstorm

    Compose Formal Paragraph

      Film to relate to Today

    Review Research Methods

    Topics for Paper; research skills

    Formal Essay on Timeless Element

    Novel Study

    Johnny Got His Gun

    In class reading and discussion of main ideas; theme exploration

    Reading in class; reading checks; participation in class

    Reading Assessments

    State Reading Assessments

    Test Taking Strategies

    Reading Passages

    ACT Reading practice

    ACT Prep Unit

    Test Practice

    Material Review


    ACT Exam for Credit

    Vocabulary Expansion

    Vocab. Packets

    Lessons and Worksheets

    Vocab quizzes

    Shakespeare Study


    Faulkner Study


    As I Lay Dying

    In class reading and discussion of main ideas; theme exploration

    Reading in class; reading checks; participation in class


    Expectations and Procedures

    Mrs. Plucker



    •         Be Respectful and Responsible at all times: Behavior and Attitude.


    •         No gum, candy, food, or beverages are allowed in class. Only bottle water is allowed.


    •         When arriving to class, you are expected to be prepared:

    o   Have bathroom needs taken care of, materials ready (sharpened pencils, etc.), and all other things out of the way of your learning!! 


    o   You are expected to be on time (in your seat when the bell rings).

    **1st hour tardies must report directly to the office

    **You are expected to have an admit slip upon entering the classroom if you were absent the day before.

    ** At first I will trust all students to use restroom usage properly; however, upon any excessive or unnecessary visits will create a one pass a quarter for the entire class.


    o   All cell phones have to be turned off and put away before entering the classroom. The phone needs to be out of sight.


    •         You are expected to use work time allotted in class wisely:  Time wasted in class will be made up before school or during lunch hour.


    •   Failure to meet expectations will result in a consequence. (The consequence will fit the infraction.)




    Daily Assignments:

    •   Done in Blue or Black ink; if not, will not be accepted (pencil may be acceptable).


    •         Always have the correct heading (will be shown and practiced).


    •         All assignments should be neat and show serious effort.


    •         Taking notes is expected.


    •         Assignments not corrected in class are to be handed in when the students enter the classroom in their designated bin.


    •         If a student is absent,  he/she is responsible for getting the work and handing it in.*Refer to Student Handbook for policies of excused and unexcused absences* (specifically the 70% credit policy).


    Be Prepared:

    •         All students are expected to be in their seats with materials ready when the bell rings. Seating charts are required by the district. 


    •         Take care of all other business before the bell (sharpening pencils, bathroom, admit slips, etc.)  *If you are not in your seat when the bell rings, YOU ARE LATE. Consequences are subsequent: tardy, detention, unexcused absence*


    •         The bell does not dismiss the class, the teacher does.


    •         Late Work:  Not a Good Idea!!  It is not accepted. The definition of “late” is not in the classroom during class time.



    Grades are determined on a point basis. The grade categories are as follows:

             In-Class/Discussion/Participation (Active and Passive; Physical and Non-Physical)


             Written Work




             A regular folder for class work

             A notebook designated for this class only

             Pens and Pencils


    Notes on Daily happenings: 


    A set of two MUGs will be completed each day; in an English-only notebook, students are to copy the sentence as is; students will then correct the errors in mechanics, usage, and grammar. 

    As a class we will go through the mistakes and corrections; students will be held accountable for these grammatical rules from here onward, which means points will be deducted from his or her writing assignments for not following them. 

    There will also be formal assessments.

    At the end of the week (whatever day that falls on) a notebook check will be performed for a grade, which will also include the journal entry for the week (see below for more details).


    **In the case of absences: the student is responsible for completing the missed MUG; there is a folder with all MUGs available. After completing the exercise, he or she should see the instructor for corrections. In the case of a quarantine or extended absence, the student needs to contact the instructor for original copies of the MUGs to be completed during that period. Please, remember that illnesses only allow the student the “two day” make-up policy. 


    Weekly Journals:

    Each week a journal entry will be due on the last day of the week (whatever that day happens to be). A one half page on any topic or idea that is school appropriate must be completed and handed in with the MUGs for the week. Later in the year, the students will be reading an independent novel; at that time the reflection will pertain to that novel. At first context and content will be the focus of the grade; as the class progresses, grammar and usage will also play a part in the grade as well. The journals must be hand-written in the English-only notebook.


    ACT practice:

    While preparing for the exam, the class completes many in-class activities pertaining to the exam in general and more specifically on the English and Reading portion of the exam. During these units, students are expected to participate in discussions and activities to earn credit for the unit.


    Novel Studies:

    Most of the novel will be read in class as a class; please understand that the participation grade in these units are extremely important. Participation is graded on active participation: listening and discussing as a group.

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