Expectations / Syllabus


    Mr. Miller Expectations

     Materials needed


    Assignment Book (cannot leave the room without it)


    Pen or Pencil


    Notebook and Folder




    Assignments completed or to be completed




    Students are expected to participate and their grades will reflect participation points daily. 




    Attitude is EVERYTHING! Each student should maintain good conduct, display courtesy and respect towards teachers, peers, handle routine class with regularity and effort, avoid horseplay.




    We will follow the standard middle school grading scale. 


    Starting Class


    Enter the room quietly and sit in your assigned seat. Take out your homework and assignment notebook.  Get ready for the day’s activities as necessary.




    Enter the room quietly. If you have a pass, give it to the teacher; otherwise you will receive a detention. Quietly take your seat.


     Locker Use


    This will count as a tardy if you need to go to your locker after the bell.


    You will receive a detention. Take the locker pass. Only one person at a time is allowed to leave the classroom.


     Restroom Use


    You must receive permission to leave the room and have your assignment notebook with you to receive a pass.  Only one person is allowed to leave class at a time. Avoid asking to use the restroom when it’s during the first or last 5 minutes of class.


    Pencil Sharpening


    Only ONE person at a time is to be out of his/her seat to use the sharpener. Quietly walk the shortest route to the pencil sharpener. Stand there and wait for the teacher to give you permission if it’s during teacher instruction; otherwise, you may use it without permission.





    For the most part, homework will be assigned on a daily basis. You are expected to complete all homework.




    Participation grades will be based on how well you contribute to creating a positive classroom environment. This includes such things as being on time, following directions, bringing required materials, and contributing positively in class.


    Ending Class    


    The bell is not a dismissal signal.


    Look around: Are materials and supplies put away? Are the desks in order? Is garbage picked up off the floor?