Great Third Grade Reads


    Abbott, Tony - 
    "The Secrets of Droon" series - 
    THE SECRETS OF DROON is an ongoing epic saga for readers who enjoy exciting fantasy. Eric, Julie, and Neal, a trio of best friends from our world stumble upon the magical world of Droon, a realm populated by wizards and sorcerers and full of strange landscapes.
    Click here to visit Tony Abbott's website.

     Adler, David -
    "Cam Jansen" Mysteries (Click here for the Cam Jansen website), "A Picture Book About..." Biography Series
     (and others) Third graders enjoy Adler's many picture book biographies and mysteries.Click here to visit David Adler's website.

    Auch, Mary Jane - 
    I Was a Third Grade Science Project
    I Was a Third Grade Spy, and I Was a Third Grade Bodyguard
    Join Josh, Brian, and Arful (Brian's dog) for some funny adventures.



    Avi -
     Poppy and RyeRagweed,
     Ereth's Birthday, andPoppy's Return, 
    Read about the exciting adventures of Poppy and Rye (deer mice) and their friends in Dimwood Forest.
    Click here to visit Avi's website.

    Blume, Judy - 
    Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
     and Double Fudge
    Fourth grader Peter Hatcher has a terrible problem -- his little brother, Fudge! Read these hilarious stories about the Hatcher family. Click here to visit Judy Blume's website.


    Bulla, Clyde - Chalk Box KidPocahontas And The StrangersShoeshine GirlGhost Town TreasureSquanto, Friend Of The Pilgrims (and others)

    Byars, Betsy - Beans On The RoofTornadoMy Dog, My Hero Click here to visit Betsy Byar's website.

    Cameron, Ann, "Julian" Books Visit Ann Cameron's website.

    Caseley, Judith - Starring Dorothy Kane and others Click here to visit Judith Caseley's website.

    Cleary, Beverly - "Ramona" Books (and others) Click here to visit Beverly Cleary's website.


    Christopher, Matt - Man Out At FirstThe Dog That Stole Football PlaysCenterfield Ball HawkZero's Slider (and many others) Click here to visit Matt Christopher's website.

    Cohen, Barbara - Molly's PilgrimMake A Wish, Molly

    Cole, Joanna - "Magic School Bus " Books Click here to visit the Magic School Bus Website.

    Conford, Ellen - "Jenny Archer" Books

    Cox, Judy - Third Grade Pet Fearing for the safety of the third grade's class pet, Cheese the rat, Rosemary takes him home in her backpack and creates chaos in the household.

    Dadey, Debbie - Leprechauns Don't Play BasketballWerewolves Don't Go To Summer Camp, "Bailey School Kids" Books Click here to visit Debbie Dadey's website.

     Dahl,Roald -
    James And The Giant PeachCharlie and the Chocolate FactoryThe BFGFantastic Mr. FoxMatilda (and others) 
    Click here to visit Roald Dahl's website.


    Dalgliesh, A. - The Bears On Hemlock MountainCourage Of Sarah Noble

    Danziger, Paula - "Amber Brown" books


    DeFelice, Cynthia - 
    The Light on Hogback Hill
    , (and others) 
    Click here to visit Cynthia DeFelice's website.

    Delton, Judy - "Pee Wee Scouts" Books

    Dillon, Barbara - The Teddy Bear TreeThe Good-Guy Cake


    Duey, Kathleen - 
    "Unicorn's Secret" Books - Legends say unicorns once lived in Lord Dunraven's forests...Everyone knows the old stories. No one believes them, of
    course --who would? 
    Heart knows the truth...and the truth is dangerous. Heart vows to protect the unicorns. She knows she needs help.   She is searching desperately for her family, her home. Her journey is long and hard. She finds friends..and enemies along the way. Will she ever find her own family? Will there ever be a safe place for her and the unicorns?

    Duffey, Betsy - 
    A Boy In The Doghouse
    How To Be Cool In The Third Grade, The Gadget WarLucky On The LooseThe Math WizWild Things , Alien for Rent (and others)


    Erickson, Russell - Toad For TuesdayWarton And Morton

    Gannett, Ruth - "The Dragons Of Blueland" series

    George, Jean Craighead- There's an Owl in the Shower Click here to visit Jean Craighead George's website.

    Giff, Patricia Reilly - Matthew Jackson Meets The Wall, "The Kids of Polk Street School" Books (and others) 
    Click here to visit Patricia Reilly Giff's website.


    Haas, Jessie - Runaway Radish Beware The MareA Blue for Beware, and others

    Honeycott, Natalie - The All New Jonah TwistThe Best Laid Plans Of Jonah TwistJuliet Fisher And The Foolproof Plan


    Hurwitz, Johanna - Class ClownClass President,Adventures of Ali Baba Bernstein, "Aldo" Books, "Russell" Books, "Nora" Books, (and others)

    Impey, Rose - Desperate For A DogThe No-Name Dog

    Kay, Helen - The First Teddy Bear

    King-Smith, Dick - 
    Martin's Mice
    The Invisible DogBabe, the Gallant Pig 
    ,Lady LollipopHogsel and Gruntel and Other Animal Stories, (and many others)Click here for Dick King-Smith's website. 

    A quick-witted swineherd and a pig named Lollipop are royally rewarded after they reform a spoiled princess.

    Kline, Suzy - "Herbie Jones" Books, "Horrible Harry" Books, "Mary Maroney" Books 
    Click here to visit Suzy Kline's website.

    Landon, Lucinda - "Meg MacKintosh" Mysteries


    Lerengis, Peter - 
    series - 
    Max and his friends in the Abracadabra Club love magic.

    Levy, Elizabeth - "Something Queer" Mystery Books, Rude Rowdy Rumors: A Brian and Pea Brain Mystery 
    Click here to visit Elizabeth Levy's website.

    Lindgren, Astrid - "Pippi Longstocking" Books

     Lowry, Lois - 
    All About Sam,
     Attaboy Sam!, See You Around, Sam!, and Zooman Sam and others 
    Sam will make you laugh with his funny adventures. .Click here to visit Lois Lowry's website.


    MacDonald, Betty - "Mrs. Piggle Wiggle" Books

    McDonald, Megan - "Judy Moody" Books Click here for Megan McDonald's website.

    MacLachlan, Patricia - Seven Kisses In A Row

    Marshall, James - Rats On The Roof And Other StoriesRats On The Range And Other Stories

    Annabelle Doll has lived with her family in the same doll house for over a hundred years. Though her little human girls grow up and have their own children, one day is much like the other until the day she discovers her missing Auntie Doll's mysterious journal about the same time a new doll family moves in. Will Annabelle Doll leave the safety of her dollhouse to solve the forty-year-old mystery?

    Martin, Ann M. - 
    The Doll People,
     The Meanest Doll in the World , "Baby-Sitters Little Sister" Books and others

    Marzollo, Jean - Pizza Pie SluggerRed Ribbon Rosie, "I Spy" Books (and others) 
    Click here to visit Jean Marzollo's website.

    McClung, Robert - Major, The Story Of A Black Bear


    McKenna, Colleen - 
    Good Grief, Third Grade
    ,   Third Grade Stinks,  Third Grade Ghouls,  Doggone - Third Grade, and others 
    Click here to visit Collen McKenna's website

    Miller, Sarah - Three Stories You Can Read to Your DogThree Stories You Can Read to Your Cat, and others

    Moore, Lilian - I'll Meet You At The Cucumbers

    Moss, Marissa - Amelia's NotebookAmelia Writes Again, and others Click here to visit Marissa Moss' website.

    Myers, Laurie - Earthquake in the Third Grade Click here to visit Laurie Myers' website.

    Ashamed of his wimpy younger cousin, 8 year-old Jimmy is determined to keep him out of his special club for rough, tough, and terrible boys

    Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds - 
    One of the Third Grade Thonkers,
       Carlotta's Kittens, The Healing of Texas Jake, The Grand Escape, Polo's Motherand others

    Osborne, Mary Pope- 
    "Spider Kane" Books, "Magic Tree House" Books, "Magic Tree House Companion" Books,
    and others Click here to visit Mary Pope Osborne's website.


    Park, Barbara - "Junie B. Jones" Books Click here for a website about Junie B. Jones.

    Paulsen, Gary - "World of Adventure" Series Click here to visit Gary Paulsen's website.

    Pearson, Susan - "Eagle-Eye Ernie" Series


    Pilkey, Dav - 
    "Captain Underpants" Books, "Ricky Ricotta Giant Robot" Books, 
    (and others) Click here to visit Dav Pilkey's website. 

    Porter, Connie - "Addy" Books (The American Girls Collection)

    Rodda, Emily
    Rowan of Rin 
    Series, Dragons of Deltora Series,Fairy Realm Series

    Rodowsky, Colby F. - Not My Dog 
    Eight-year-old Ellie wants a puppy. So, she is not happy when her parents tell her they are adopting a full-grown dog belonging to a distant relative. But, gradually the brown, skinny-tailed dog with sticking-up ears wins her over.


    Rogers, Jean - Raymond's Best Summer


    Roy, Ron - 
    "A to Z Mysteries" - 
    Not only does Dink Duncan like to read mystery books, he also likes to solve crimes and capers in real life. Along with his two best friends, Josh and Ruth Rose, Dink unravels mysteries in his hometown of Green Lawn, Connecticut-and sometimes far away from home, too, at places like a dude ranch in Montana and a castle in Maine. Follow the clues along with Dink and his friends on each of their adventures! Click here to visit Ron Roy's website.

    Russell, Ching Yeung - First AppleWater Ghost Click here to visit Ching Yeung Russell's website

    Sachar, Louis - "Marvin Redpost" Books, "Wayside School" Books Click here to visit Louis Sachar's website.

    Schwartz, Alvin - Scary Stories To Tell In The DarkMore Scary Stories To Tell In The DarkScary Stories 3

    Each book in the Time Warp series places the characters in a different time period, solving mysteries, battling bad guys and just generally having hilarious, kooky adventures.

    Scieszka, Jon - 
    The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs By A. Wolf
    Math CurseThe Stinky Cheeseman and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, "Time Warp Trio" Books, Squids Will Be Squids: Fresh Morals for Beastly Fables, and Baloney, Henry P. 
    Click here for Jon Scieszka'a website on Baloney, Henry P.

    Seldon, George - "Chester Cricket" Books

    Shaw, Janet - "Kirsten" Books (The American Girls Collection)

    Silverstein, Shel - A Light in the AtticWhere the Sidewalk Ends    Click here to visit Shel Silverstein's website.

    Slote, Alfred - My Robot BuddyMy Trip To Alpha I

    Sobol, Donald J. - "Encyclopedia Brown" Books

    Stine, R. L. - "Goosebumps" Series Click here to go to the Goosebumps website.

    Tripp, Valerie - "Molly" Books (American Girls Collection), "Samantha" Books (American Girls Collection), "Felicity" Books (American Girls Collection), "Kit" Books (American Girls Collection)

    VanAllsburg, Chris - 
    ZathuraThe Garden of Abdul GasaziThe Widow's BroomBad Day at RiverbendTwo Bad Ants 
    (and others) Click here to visit Chris Van Allsburg's marvelous website.


    Warner, Gertrude - "The Boxcar Children" Mystery Series

    West, Colin - Monty, The Dog Who Wears Glasses

    Whelan, Gloria - Next Spring An OrioleHannah, and others Click here to visit Gloria Whelan's website.

    White, E. B. - Charlotte's WebStuart LittleThe Trumpet Of The Swan

    Wilder, Laura - "Little House" Books Click here to visit a Laura Ingalls Wilder website.

    Winthrop, Elizabeth - Luke's Bully    Click here to visit Elizabeth Winthrop's website.

    Wittman, Sally - Stepbrother SabotageJessie's Wish