• Please encourage your child to do his/ her homework by providing them with a specific time and place to study free from distractions.  Work not finished in class will be expected to be completed by the next day, but for the most part students should get much of the work done in school.

    Please check your child’s papers each night and look at the new assignment notebook for any homework. Initial or sign your name each day.  Look over the papers and discuss what they’ve written.  Ask questions about the material.  The more review the child has the better the retention of information. 

    **  Your child  may re-do the problems that are wrong and turn it in again.  I will give 1/2 credit for each corrected wrong answer. All corrections can only be done once and are due before the quarter ends.  Please do not ask for new copies at the end of the quarter with the hope that your child can re- do all of their failing or low grades at one time.  I will also offer extra credit papers that your child may earn additional points. They may turn them in on any assignment that received a lower grade, or save them to use on any daily assignment.  (No Tests!) 

              Students will continue to have weekly spelling test.  There will be a pretest Monday.  Those who spell all of the words correctly will use our challenge words as their weekly word list.  The pretest will help the rest of the students know which words to concentrate on learning that week.  There will be a variety of spelling activities during the week to help learn the words.