Language Arts Class - 8th Grade

  • ***  Students should all have a separate binder that they will use for language arts class only.  That binder will be kept in my room (room 223).  Every day students are expected to bring a pen or pencil,whatever assignment is due that day, their Collections Book, their Close Reader, and a book for silent reading.  Students should take care of going to the bathroom and sharpening pencils before class begins.  Students should be seated by the bell, should raise their hands to be called upon, should listen to the teacher and others respectfully and wait to be dismissed by the teacher at the end of the class period.  Students will place their cell phones in a basket next to my desk when they enter my room. The students will begin class by writing in their journals, followed by daily grammar practice and vocabulary. The assignments for the day are always written on the board in the front of the room. Each unit in the Collections book will require students to read and write.  Some units will require more reading and some will require more writing.  Some units will also require research before writing.  Students will receive points for a weekly binder check.  I am also going to be focusing on spelling this year and the students will have a spelling test every week.  Please encourage your child to read as much as possible.  Reading is important in all classes!!

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